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Anônimo disse... 18 de fevereiro de 2019 04:55

From David D Y Choi, who is ;
repairing used rotten bike from recycling lot, to go around, due to income lessness status.


Under the Sky,
One should be equal as long as Human Being.

Underprivileged social class,
Before the birth, even after the death,
this underprivileged group should follow the pre-framed given route.

Upon realizing that crossing the given route is limited,
its trial object would be named as ‘Betrayer’ or targeted as ‘Gov. Sanction’.

Extending of this status,
urged and resulted let David create hand written images between # 1 and # 58.

Still, there, no one, no response, no way to get out, its condition is extended.
Its uselessness, barren condition has been extended as usual.

David D Y Choi, February 2019 ( e-mail ;, or )
Personal URL :
( at URL, on the bottom site, linked images are available )